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Purchase matters need to pay attention to the weak solvent oil cloth

Only more professional purchase, so it can effectively ensure the quality of products, we selected the same, for weak solvent oil painting cloth now each decoration industry is very hot with that is tender, so today in the following we understand together, all the details of the products in the purchase must pay attention to.
1, cloth products: waterproof white canvas, plush paper (China cashmere), waterproof chemical fiber cloth, waterproof pure cotton canvas, silk cloth (Silver Eagle cloth), pearl canvas (non-woven), waterproof cloth art, pictorial cloth, waterproof leather, art paper (wallpaper) is also called Double transparent wallpaper, cloth, and weak solvent oil cloth etc..
2, the film products: alluvial gold / silver / gold sand, light light silver, gold / silver, gold / silver silk silk film. PET transparent sheet, positive outdoor blowtorch film, pearl film, laser printing film, crystal film, PET semi permeable film, PET sand film, high transparent PET double-sided adhesive, 230 grams of high light waterproof paper, RC photo paper,
Characteristics: 3, vertical sensual, compatibility is strong, bright color, high resolution.
To fully understand the characteristics of products, film and cloth products, not only can effectively improve the quality of our choice of waterproof canvas, but also can effectively enhance the good application of this product, so the more we were related to talk and pointed out that, first of all it is necessary to unify by each operator attention and attention.
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