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Oil paint with a simple description of knowledge

Our company's strength, adequate supply, complete varieties. The frame can provide service for users in the shortest time, is a vibrant enterprise full of vigour. A paint with knowledge in here for everybody introduction:
Our housing wall color is white or pale, but the furniture, curtains, sofa cloth surface, such as a different color, so the selection frame color mainly consider environmental furnishings and works of color.
If the indoor furnishings in white tone, oil should not be too deep; in turn, furnishings colors, we should not choose a white frame. As for the work itself, the frame color should be coordinated with the contrast should not be too strong.
Oil painting frame should choose a wide line angle fluctuation, obvious frame, watercolor and vice versa; not China painting with oil painting frame, and should use resemble hardwoods, primary frame; prints, photographs and other kinds of painting can be wide and narrow.
In conclusion, matching frame which has many knowledge, from the local situation, should make the picture more prominent, more attractive; on the whole, to decorate the environment, making it more angry, more warm.
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