The only brand in the field of
Chinese oil painting
The company is the first professional large-scale manufacturer of canvas. It is the first one who developed from the traditional mode of manual manufacture to the scale manufacture of large-sized machine in canvas industry. Its main product, canvas, is made through the European crafts and from the domestic materials. The company independently researches the recipe. It has large scale automatic machines for manufacturing, cloth cutting, cloth painting, drying, coiling and so on. The products have reached the international quality standard. The cost is lower than that of the same type of imported products. It has got an advantage of competitive price. Many foreign merchants and Chinese painted at abroad are surprised to learn that there is an excellent canvas in China. With the favor of the domestic and foreign clients, presently, our canvas has become the brand product in the painting industry at home and abroad. It is popular with the market for its high quality, low price and credible service. The product is sold in about twenty-nine provinces and cities of China and exported to Japan, the Southeast Asia and the Occident, etc.Now it has developed and produced canvas, portrait, printing cloth, burnished cloth, etc. Meanwhile it produces white deal and tung canvas-tightening painting frame, palette, canvas-tightening clamp and processes portrait painting. Its products have five main types and about one hundred species. The breadth is from 1.2 m to 5.3m. The grain of the canvas includes thin grain, thinner grain, the thinnest grain, thick grain, thicker grain and the thicker grain. It includes the international and the non-international dimensions. We also can process the products according to the dimensions that the clients requests. The price has top, medium and low grades. The canvas can be used for painting, propylene painting, spray painting and portrait, etc. and is suitable for painters, teachers, students, fans of painting, painting companies and portrait, etc.